It’s a bit of a lie – I’ve considered and even tried to start a blog more than once, but it’s always petered out for one reason or another. But today, in my enthusiasm the prospect of finally getting Internet access to my apartment in Baltimore, I couldn’t help myself.

I’m hoping to use this blog to consolidated my online identity and to talk about my projects and adventures. I write short movie and book reviews for other sites, but would like to occasionally go into more depth and share those reviews with the public. I spend a lot of my free time cooking, baking, and exploring Baltimore, but despite my love of Flickr, it’s hard to feel like I’m telling a story there, which is what I really love to do. I’ve got a few ideas in mind for future posts, but for now I’m restricting myself to playing around with WordPress features. And trying to figure out how long before Crisco goes bad.

These are important considerations, people. If I’m never heard from again, imagine I died from vegetable shortening poisoning.