In addition to curling up with a good book, I’ve found crafting to be a fun way to pass a dreary fall afternoon. A little splash of color here and here, the sense of something completed – I enjoy feeling like I’ve used my time well, and often with crafting I can watch a movie and do something with my hands at the same time.

My big fall project goal is some scrapbooking. Not normally my top hobby, but I’ve been feeling a sense of wanderlust and restlessness lately, which I blame on lack of recent travel opportunities. I have a scrapbook of some past trips I’ve taken, and I’m hoping to fill out the rest of the book with the rest of my travel “stash,” which serves multiple goals. By scrapbooking some of the ticket stubs and other ephemera, I’m less likely to lose or damage it, I can look at it again easily, and its’ stored more efficiently than being folded into envelopes and tucked away gods know where. I’m not a fancy scrapbooker, with cutouts and patterned scissors, preferring colored papers and stickers and a straightforward photo album approach.

I’ve also recently completed a few knitting projects with yarn I bought in September. I have historically had a yarn stash problem and tend to buy yarn at twice the rate I knit it up, so this is something of a growth moment for me. My LYS had a trunk show my birthday weekend and I indulged in a hank of golden-hued hand-spun (so expensive I suspect gold was a component of the yarn, but hey, birthday) that I’m trying to eke a second hat out of (I knit one gorgeous hat, but it’s just a tiny bit small, so I’m trying again on larger needles). I also got, and have since completed, a scarf kit with a tan alpaca yarn to be knit up with a teal/green/brown variegated knit ribbon. I promise pictures of both to come, since my description of the latter project doesn’t make sense even to me, and I knit it. With these projects out of the way, I’m planning on concentrating on my Christmas knitting, including tiny knit ornaments for my mom. Worked on size 2 needles and copious charts, I think it’ll be quite a challenge!