Is the WordPress homepage snowing? My Mark Bittman app is doing that, too, and it’s driving me crazy.

At the suggestion of a friend, I’m indulging in some navel gazing today. I was complaining about not having anything to blog about, given how lazy and unproductive I’ve been lately, and she suggested that might be worthy of exploring. Friends: like therapy, only better and cheaper.

I made the mistake of making a list of all the things I have to do between today and when I head home the 24th. Rookie move – I am now too stressed to be able to focus. For every thing I check off my list, it seems two get added; and every time I tackle a task, I feel like what I’m doing isn’t the “right” thing and I should be doing something else. So instead I alternate between frenetic activity and laying on my bed with the countenance of a stunned deer.

I know it’s not work that’s getting in the way of my focus, since work is actually remarkably slow considering it’s exam period. I have my Christmas shopping done, it’s just the knit gifts that need taking care of (and the shipping of said items). I have a long queue of tv shows and books that would keep me entertained, were I to find the focus for them. I have the ingredients of a half-dozen recipes sitting in my pantry, waiting to be used. But apparently, all I want to do is lay down every night and try to trick a cat into curling up next to me. And then do it again the next day. Maybe it’s time to mix it up, somehow.