On the whole, I’m not much one for resolutions. Despite my love of making lists, I don’t usually have a big New Year’s celebration or any similar marker to “start” on any resolutions I might make. Last year, I made a few resolutions, and I have one for the new year. I suppose wrapping up the first semester of my job is as good a time to reflect as any.

From 2011: I resolved to give more to charity, write more reviews of books I read, and knit more. I think I did fairly well. For the first resolution, I donated $200 this year (for inquiring minds, it breaks down to $75 in three separate Kiva loans, $25 to the Red Cross general fund after the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, $25 to my alma mater Mount Holyoke College, $25 to Planned Parenthood, $25 to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and $25 to Baltimore’s NPR station WYPR) and, as already discussed, got back on the blood donation bandwagon (by December 31st, I will have given again, too). My second resolution didn’t work out as well, though it’s a work in progress. I tend to read a lot of series books, and finding new and interesting things to say about each entry in the series can be challenging. I also tend to check out piles of cookbooks or knitting books from the library to browse, but not really reflect on or review, so those tend to get 2-3 star ratings on GoodReads while I move on to the next in the stack. I made this resolution because I hate that feeling of knowing I read a book but not remembering anything about it or what I thought about it. Finally, I did a pretty good job knitting this year. Almost all my knitted gifts were done on time, and I tackled some more difficult problems. My real challenge is keeping things on the needles – I have plenty of patterns I want to try, and yarn to use, but once I finish a project I really need to work on casting on something immediately, rather than coasting on my last success. My fall resolution to scrapbook wasn’t followed through on, so that’s been moved to a January project on my internal calendar.

For 2012: I’m hoping 2012 will be a year to focus on (however ridiculous this will sound) bone density. Now that I have insurance I was able to visit a doctor this fall for a physical, and she gave me a little talking-to about how the next year or two are critical for bone density. Osteoporosis runs in my family, and this age range is where I really need to be focusing on building bone density; apparently, after 29 or 30, the most you can do is maintain bone density, rather than building it. This is going to mean increasing my calcium intake (I’m focusing on dietary calcium, but have supplements as well), reducing my pop intake (Coke Zero and I will be going through a nasty breakup when my current stash runs out), and varying my exercise beyond yoga and cycling to include more higher impact activities that help build bones (walking, weightlifting, but probably not running).

I head home tomorrow, and I can’t wait.