2012 is off to a strange start. Nothing like hearing NPR list the wide range of Baltimore business and services closed today for the holiday to perk up the drive in to work, right? Not to mention the limited services, including gym and food, on campus during the January break period, and the mice infestation that appears to have cropped up over break. On top of which, my roommate was diagnosed with Celiac while I was away, so gluten cross-contamination is now an issue in our kitchen. And don’t get me started on the leaky tub faucet. I suspect I’ll spend a lot of the coming week thinking, “This time last week, I was …”

But January does hopefully bring the next installment of Cookbook Club, featuring Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

(PS – This time last week, I was drinking Blackthorn hard cider and watching soccer with my sister. That one’s going to be hard to top.)