Last weekend I did one of the exercises from a time management book I read recently, one of many I’ve been wasting my time on. (It’s the law of diminishing returns; the more I read, the less I’m getting from each book and the less I have time to do actual productive things.) The suggestion was to make a list, or lists, of 100 ideas of things, whether it’s ideas for work or travel or dreams or goals or whatever.

I made two lists of 100s; one of creative or crafty projects I want to try, and one of dreams. It was surprisingly hard. Especially with the creative list, I could come up with some easily and then the rest were a struggle. I’ve been feeling so listless, lately, and work’s been consuming so much of my time, I feel like I needed another outlet. I officially abandoned my last knitting project, but haven’t stumbled across anything that really engaged me, either in knitting or reading or almost anything else.

I’d hoped the lists would help me get past this mental block, but it hasn’t worked so far. This week has been just as exhausting as the last two, and I’m really running out of my reserves. At this rate, I’ll be subsisting on frozen pizzas and sporadic desperate texts to my friends by the end of the month.