Last week, when T was in town for Anna Howard Shaw Day, we managed to cross a few to-do items off my list. As these things usually go, crossing a few things off the list means adding more things to a different list. With crummy weather – wintery mix – approaching Baltimore, I’m hoping to spend the rest of my weekend doing some indoorsy craft and baking projects.

For example, I now have a dresser (a la Ikea), and it needs to be filled with things! But only after I’ve lined the ugly institutionally gray drawer interiors with something more cheery.

Cat on Dresser
The little cat likes to have the high ground.

I also inherited a new bookshelf from moving neighbors, also courtesy Ikea. It has no back, so I need to take care of that, but mostly I need to put stuff on the shelves so that it’s no longer strewn about the floor. This includes moving a stack of my DVDs out of their cases into more boxes – you guessed it – courtesy Ikea!

Cat on Bookshelf
The little cat surveys her domain.

As you can see, I’d better get a move on. Otherwise, the tiny cat will plant the flag of Catlandia, and the furniture will cease to become my property.