I’m pleased to report that my weekend of projects was success!  I even managed to work in some episodes of The Closer and some reading.

My first project was to move my substantial DVD collection from cases into sleeves. I’ve held onto the cases, and probably will for about a month, just in case I change my mind. Basically, the lower half of my bookshelf went from this:

Bookshelf full of DVDs
Lots o' DVDs!

to this:

Bookshelf with fewer DVDs
DVDs all stored away!

And since I had so much extra space on my bookshelf, I decided to just fill it up with books and stash the DVDs elsewhere. So the final result is:

Bookshelf with Books Only
Books galore!

Ta da!

I also lined the shelves of my dresser drawers, starting from:

Empty Ikea MALM Drawer
Gross gray dresser drawer.

adding a little contact paper and some quality craft time, to end up with:

Ikea MALM Dresser Drawers, lined with green print contact paper
Marginally less institutional-looking.

And somehow, on top of all this, I managed to whip up some brown sugar pecan muffins for breakfast this week. Which have already been sampled!

Brown Sugar Pecan Muffin
Delicious sugary insides!