I have to admit, I’ve been finding my February “recipe diet” more than a little oppressive. I did a pretty good job removing most sources of temptation, but some links slip through the cracks, and it’s so difficult not to click! I had envisioned the break as a way to catch up on some of my proverbial backlog – the stacks of recipes I want to try and haven’t yet. I have tried a few new things, true, and revisited some old favorites, but I’ve also done a lot of reverting to the mean. It seems that when I’m not browsing recipes on a regular basis, I’m not feeling inspired or creative about food, and my little spark of excitement gets drowned out by other interests. I’ve been eating a lot of okay foods – breaded pork cutlets, roasted asparagus and zucchini, pasta with sauce – and a lot of Sandra Lee-style semi-homemade foods – boxed Annie’s macaroni and cheese with some steamed broccoli or peas on the side. Part of this may be due to an usual number of weekday evening activities in February interfering with my energy level, but even with a house full of food, I’ve been feeling particularly uninspired since the first weekend of the month.

I’m also considering trying my hand at lace knitting. I’ve  never really knit lace before, and though I’m enjoying the cowl I’m working on, the pattern isn’t especially complicated (perfect for catching up on The Closer!) There’s a pattern a coworker pointed out to me, for the Kari Baby Blanket, that I’m curious to try. It looks like the right level of a challenge and the results look worth the effort. Plus, the yarn I’m eyeing for it is the right price!