You guys, I am kind of failing at National Craft Month! I didn’t even realize that was a thing, and that it was a currently-happening thing, until after the month had started, and now I’m encountering all kinds of roadblocks! I’ve spent more time on Pinterest, pinning crafts I’d like to try, than I have actually crafting. Part of this is because I got sick last week and lost a few days, and part of this is that I recently had to have my credit card replaced because of fraudulent activity and am holding off on buying some supplies until I’m confident that’s been cleared up.

There is one project I’ve been working on and enjoying, though I don’t have pictures yet. T got me flowers for our two year anniversary last Tuesday, but instead of getting me regular ol’ flowers, he got me a paper flower kit from one of my favorite crafty stores, Paper Source. The Daffodil Flower Kit is lovely, and now I will always have the flowers. I’ve also learned that floral tape is super-tacky, and if you touch things with grubby fingers, you leave a CSI-esque trail of prints behind you.