My parents came to visit in March, which is always a nice excuse to do touristy things, and have them take me to dinner at places I couldn’t afford on my own. I pretended it was because it was my mom’s birthday, but I think we all know the truth. In their too-brief visit we managed to hit up Baltimore’s two major art museums, take a bus trip in the rain through some “scenic” neighborhoods, tour the Iner Harbor, Cylburn Arboretum, and Little Italy, and hit up a few Civil War Battlefields. I hadn’t been to Antietam in years, and its’ vast expanses almost put Gettysburg to shame. It was a super-windy day, and we took the driving tour after viewing the film at the visitor’s center (which I recommend). Dad has one of those fancy-pants parks passes, so it was a fascinating and frugal visit.

I appreciated that they filled the trunk of my mom’s Civic with a stash of my worldly possessions, until recently consigned to their basement. Sometimes I feel like I have too much Stuff, and sometimes I get a disproportionate amount of nostalgic joy out of re-discovering Stuff I’d almost forgotten I had.

Goodies from my parents' visit - Girlyman's latest CD (gift from my sister) and some cookbooks, including Julia Child's The Way To Cook
More goodies - a feather boa I wore to my college convocation, real Wisconsin maple syrup from my parents Thanksgiving trip, high school mixtapes, vintage Williams-Sonoma kitchenware.
Pie Plate
Saving the best for last - a pie plate (with matching dessert plates), a belated housewarming gift from my friend Emily. So gorgeous!

(Sometimes the landline phone from your freshman year of college is in a box. I have complicated relationships with my Stuff.)