Like many librarians (and other people in service-type professions) I work an irregular week. During the school year, and when summer/graduate classes are in sessions, most weeks I work one late shift (2-10 pm) and Saturdays. Unfortunately, with finals and holidays and vacations, this schedule isn’t quite regular – sometimes I get stuck with six days weeks or one day weekends, because of the way the schedule works. It’s not always ideal, but it does average out.

One advantage of working Saturdays is that I get to start my weeks on Sundays with a weekend. There’s something pleasant about starting off with a weekend, since I’m usually doing something fun, and it gets my weekend-y errands and chores out of the way. I can spend Sunday cooking or having brunch with friends, going to yoga and the farmer’s market, sleeping in, whatever I’m in the mood for, as with a typical Sunday. Since I get Mondays off, I can run errands and take care of things on my to-do list before the hustle and bustle of the week get in the way. It also means I usually start my weeks off with clean laundry, groceries, and a clear mind.

In the end, I suppose that’s how everybody feels about their weekend. Maybe I just like mine better because I’ve gotten used to it, or enjoy avoiding “the Mondays.” For whatever reason, it’ll be weird to adjust to a regular ol’ schedule, even for the few weeks of the summer where it applies.