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June 2012

Three Digit Weather

Of course, the worst thing about moving in the summer is that I cease to function properly the higher the temperature gets, and we’re facing a weekend temperatures involving three digits. I anticipate an extremely cranky mood all weekend.

I’ve been living in strange circumstances since I left Boston in the summer of 2007, and it’s all coming back to bite me now. First, in the 8 summers since I graduated from college, I have moved 6 times. One of those times was moving back into my parents’ house, so a lot of my stuff ended up in their basement. Why use my crummy things when there were so many nice things to be used? I then spent my grad school career living with family, who also had much nicer things than I owned. I’d anticipated moving back to Chicago after getting my MLS, but I lucked into a fabulous job in Baltimore, and had to scramble to find a place to live before the school year started. I moved in with a well-established roommate, and didn’t need to bring or even unpack all of my stuff. Seriously, I have lived since last August with several unpacked boxes of kitchen items, just because there was no more space to be had in the kitchen.

Which brings me to where I am this: packing up an attic apartment in a Baltimore summer that was only partially unpacked to begin with. While this sounds like a huge time saver, it’s more like a huge pain in my neck. After so many moves and not having reliable access to things, my memory is highly unreliable and extremely vague. For example, I think I have a stove-top tea kettle, but I can’t remember the last time I used or even laid eyes on it. Did I ditch it because it was a gift from a cheating ex, is it still in my parents’ basement, or is it just buried somewhere in a box of kitchen things? LibraryThing may tell me I own a book I want to reread, but I may have weeded it years ago and forgotten to delete the record (bad librarian!) or it may be stored in any one of a number of places. It’s frustrating, and inconvenient, and I do live in fear of wasting money purchasing duplicate items.

tl;dr? I am really excited to be settled in soon!



Good news, friends! After months of discussion and searching, T and I have finally found a mutually agreeable apartment, and will be moving in early July. It’s located on the same street where I currently live, so I’m relieved to be sticking around the neighborhood I love. Moving is never my favorite thing – my cookbook collection alone gives me pause – but I love having the opportunities moving gives me to clean and sort and reorganize my possessions in a way I rarely take the time for.

On top of this, my CSA delivery started a few weeks ago, and my co-conspirator on the project (I’m splitting the share with a friend) and I are enjoying hunting down recipes for all the things we’re surprised with every Tuesday. This week’s “WTF” winner was kohlrabi. I was really pleased to discover that the beets this week were an orangey candy cane variety, which I’ve never had before. I’m hoping to most more about my CSA adventures when the weather is (relatively, marginally) cooler and the mere thought of turning on the stove doesn’t make me want to faint. (You know what’s great for that problem? A metric ton of arugula! Hooray!)

I also finally got to my first baseball game of the season, and my first since moving to Baltimore. We had a work outing to Os park, including dinner in one of their patio areas, and a great time was had by all. Not least because the Os swept the Pirates, winning 12-6. It was a great night for baseball!

Seats along the first base line of Orioles Park at Camden Yards
Seats along the first base line of Orioles Park at Camden Yards


I am pleased to report that my May reading projects went well. I enjoyed most of the books I read, though I haven’t managed to get my hands on the new Charlaine Harris yet. I am on a bit of a book culling project in anticipation of moving sometime this summer, and am focusing on going through my personal collection to read some of those books I’ve been meaning to read forever, and so on. I tend to be a bit of a crow about books, picking up things that catch my eye and bringing them home to my nest. Unfortunately, I accrue at a rate slightly faster than I read, and have a hard time getting rid of books I might want to read again (especially in fiction). And every time I visit a library I tend to find shiny new books that catch my eye and distract me from the books at home, which after all have no due date and aren’t going anywhere. Since I work in a library, you can imagine this is quite a problem – I wander through our collections area regularly, which is always full of new and interesting looking books, many of them hot off the presses. It’s been hard to keep my hands off them lately, but I keep reminding myself that whatever books I have will soon have to be packed up and carried down and up several flights of stairs. It seems to be working so far!

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