Of course, the worst thing about moving in the summer is that I cease to function properly the higher the temperature gets, and we’re facing a weekend temperatures involving three digits. I anticipate an extremely cranky mood all weekend.

I’ve been living in strange circumstances since I left Boston in the summer of 2007, and it’s all coming back to bite me now. First, in the 8 summers since I graduated from college, I have moved 6 times. One of those times was moving back into my parents’ house, so a lot of my stuff ended up in their basement. Why use my crummy things when there were so many nice things to be used? I then spent my grad school career living with family, who also had much nicer things than I owned. I’d anticipated moving back to Chicago after getting my MLS, but I lucked into a fabulous job in Baltimore, and had to scramble to find a place to live before the school year started. I moved in with a well-established roommate, and didn’t need to bring or even unpack all of my stuff. Seriously, I have lived since last August with several unpacked boxes of kitchen items, just because there was no more space to be had in the kitchen.

Which brings me to where I am this: packing up an attic apartment in a Baltimore summer that was only partially unpacked to begin with. While this sounds like a huge time saver, it’s more like a huge pain in my neck. After so many moves and not having reliable access to things, my memory is highly unreliable and extremely vague. For example, I think I have a stove-top tea kettle, but I can’t remember the last time I used or even laid eyes on it. Did I ditch it because it was a gift from a cheating ex, is it still in my parents’ basement, or is it just buried somewhere in a box of kitchen things? LibraryThing may tell me I own a book I want to reread, but I may have weeded it years ago and forgotten to delete the record (bad librarian!) or it may be stored in any one of a number of places. It’s frustrating, and inconvenient, and I do live in fear of wasting money purchasing duplicate items.

tl;dr? I am really excited to be settled in soon!