I’ve been behind on posting because there’s been a lot going on, and yet not much forward progress. Also, a lot of photos are still hanging out on my camera, unfortunately, because I haven’t had time to pull them onto my computer and sort them out.

The move went well, and I was lucky enough to have friends willing to help out with the heavy lifting even in the 100+ degree weather. HOORAY for friends. We’re slowly settling into the new place, but of course I wish it were going much faster. A variety of events have kept me from having the time to really invest in the little things, so the roll of drawer liner is just taking up space in the kitchen, pictures are leaning against the wall instead of hanging, and I haven’t even organized my cookbooks yet! I have a six day week this week, but am hoping to really buckle down this weekend and get some things done.

In exciting news, we are cat-sitting for a friend this week, both as a favor and as a trial run for our own pet ownership. It’s going well so far, and I’m enjoying having the little furball around. I went to a great show (Girlyman) at a weird venue (Baltimore Soundstage) last night, and was glad to get out and mix up the routine a little bit.

In less exciting news, I have a severe case of not-finishing-itis. I haven’t done any knitting lately, have started a number of books but haven’t stuck with any of them, and our fridge is cluttered with food for recipes I want to try but haven’t yet. I’ve hardly been to the gym in weeks, and I’m just generally feeling a constant sense of not having enough time. When this happens I tend to get easily flustered, flitting from one thing to the next, losing focus on my goals. How do you snap yourself out of these kinds of things?