That is, if it’s used carefully! I’ll confess to recently “splurging” on a few things that have increased my happiness in various ways.

For example, I entered the lottery to win a chance to advance purchase some playoff tickets for the Baltimore Orioles. I did get two sets of tickets that I won’t be able to use, but just knowing that I had the chance to see live playoff baseball meant I was much more keyed in to the last few weeks of the season. I even rooted for the Os when the Red Sox were in town this past weekend, which is crazy for me. I’ve been a Chicago Cubs fan my entire life, and a Red Sox fan for approximately ten years now. I like the Os and have enjoyed their surprising season, but it really took playoff tickets to get me to really excited.

I also splurged on a few birthday related items, including a new pair of shoes and a nice dinner out. I’m not a big birthday person, really, but it’s nice to have an excuse to ‘treat’ myself (and T) to the sort of dinner we wouldn’t normally indulge in.

Most importantly, though, T and I adopted a cat from a local animal rescue. Cookie, as we’ve named her, was a stray when she came to the shelter. She’s about a year old, and we think she must have been a house cat before – she was already spayed* and has pretty good indoor/people manners.** While adopting the cat wasn’t expensive, just a $10 city registration cost, she’s come with other expenses, for food and litter and veterinary care. We discovered after adoption that she has a heart murmur, which may be an expense in the future. Luckily, for now, she seems happy and pretty healthy, and we’re both really enjoying our furry companion and all her strange ways:

Picture of our cat, Cookie
Cookie, enjoying some quality lap time.

*From my perspective, neutering/spaying your pets is a really important part of being a responsible pet owner. There are so, so many homeless, discarded or unwanted animals out there who need the safety of a good home, and who have to be put down because somebody didn’t fix their pet.

** With one exception: she’s a nibbler, and did recently nip a friend at a dinner party. Now that we’re done deworming her, time to train her not to nibble on our guests!