Thus begins December, the last month of 2012! The Christmas tree is up, the gift knitting is underway, a substantial chunk of my shopping is taken care of, and Target has butter on sale (for Christmas baking, of course). Today I’m working, but tomorrow I’m hoping to check out the Mayor’s Christmas Parade and the Pratt Library’s annual book sale, both things I missed last year. Next weekend starts the holiday parties, and then just one more weekend in Baltimore before I’m home in Chicago for the holidays with my family. I’m excited to be wrapping up a  pretty good year and looking forward to a pretty good month.

Also, it’s “Learn a Foreign Language Month”! I’m undertaking a beginner’s course in Spanish via a library-provided online program, and I’m both nervous and excited. I took years of French, from middle school through college, because I was more interested in French “culture”, despite Spanish being unarguably more practical and  useful in the States. I don’t anticipate becoming fluent in a month, of course, but I’m hoping to learn enough to be a less obnoxiously American tourist in Spanish speaking countries, or at least not have to hang around behind my sister or mom while they do the talking. And who knows, maybe Cookie will become bilingual – miau!

* Culture, in this case, means Nutella.