Just when I thought I was done talking about holiday music, a few things came across my desk. By which I mean, RSS feed, of course.

The first of these is an interesting new take on a Christmas song I love but didn’t highlight, The Pouges’ “Fairytale of New York”:

Though definitely Christmas-themed, it’s a bit on the grim and gritty side, and all I want to be thinking about right now is puffy white snow and glittery ornaments and tasty treats. Still, I was interested to read a recent article in the Guardian about the song “considered by many to be the greatest Christmas song ever“.

I also just (re)discovered an amazing Tim Minchin song, “White Wine in the Sun”, one I’d heard before but had forgotten about the Christmas bits. I highly recommend adding this to your holiday playlist:

Finally, The Atlantic has a really interesting discussion on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, a holiday song I like and which has been under a lot of scrutiny for the somewhat sketchy nature of the lyrics. I don’t recall when I first heard the song, but I was probably pretty young and wasn’t thinking about sex (or at least not in relation to the music from my mom’s compilation CD of “Academy Award Winning Songs” or some such). It wasn’t until I “watched” the song in the context of the movie Elf, where Buddy is singing along with an unknowing Jovi while she’s in the shower. In light of that, it’s hard to deny the problematic nature of the lyrics, though I still enjoy listening …