Just as some movies “feel” like Christmas even when they’re not necessarily “about” Christmas, the same can be true for books. There are books I always feel like reading this time of year, and not just because it’s winter and all I want to do is read or bake. (And not just “The Hunger Games”, either, which I would re-read anytime.)

The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper: A winter tale of a battle between good and evil, centered around a boy on the cusp of his 11th birthday. Part of a series, but the action of this particular title all takes place around Christmas.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – C.S. Lewis: The cover on the edition I have is a faun in the snow, with an armful of packages. The wintery nature of the tale feels very Christmas-y, and they do talk about Narnia being a land where it’s always winter but never Christmas.

If you have time, and  you haven’t already, I’d suggest curling up with these good books over the holidays!