Holidays happen to be a great time for crafting. I will confess to being a tad bit behind on my Christmas knitting, although there are many other crafty activities this time of year – baking, making ornaments, etc. Obviously I can’t show you what I’m making for people, since nothing has been presented yet, but I can show you what I’m making these gifts with:

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I also created a Pinboard for future holiday crafts and activities. The apple cider sangria recipe turned out quite well, and there’s a few things I’m hoping to try next year.

Wine Bottle Cork Crafts, including an adorable little reindeer:


Christmas Tree Skirt, ideally something felt-y and polka dot-y, like this one from Crate and Barrel:


Christmas tree ornaments like these clear glass ones, which would allow me to have tinsel that’s marginally less likely to get eaten by kitty:

tinsel christmas ornaments

And finally, more knitting & cork related crafting!