I’m home safe and enjoying my break tremendously so far. After getting up at 4 am for an early flight out of BWI, and having an eventful trip (two gate changes, one plane change, one in-flight medical emergency, one lecture from TSA official on how my sweater really counts as a jacket, and countless incidences of turbulence), I managed to squeeze in a trip to downtown Evanston for Chicago style pizza and window shopping with a good friend and even a trip to the local public library. I also discovered a Star Trek film marathon on SyFy, and watched some Top Chef with my mom and sister, activities that really makes me miss cable in the rest of my life.

Today promises to be busy as well. My sister and I are going for brunch (probably more like lunch by the time we get to it) and a movie, then drinks at The Whistler with our parents, followed by dinner at Revolution Brewing’s pub. So many reasons to love Christmas in Chicago.

Christkindlmarkt in Chicago's Daley Plaza
Christkindlmarkt in Chicago’s Daley Plaza

I got up early and wrapped most of my presents already, so it’s starting to get a little crowded under the tree. Speaking of the tree, there’s a few spaces without ornaments yet. Better get on that, or Santa might think we’re not taking Christmas seriously and decide not to stop here!