Rather than 25 days, this series is really going to be 24 days of Christmas, I guess, since I won’t be posting tomorrow in favor of spending time with my family and playing with my new toys. (Or, knowing me, reading my new books is probably a more accurate prediction.)

I’m curious to see if we’ll get oranges in the toes of our stockings this year. This is a tradition that’s been going on for a long time, which seemed silly to me for a long time, but now I sort of look forward to it. Usually Dad’s the one who eats the oranges, unless they’re clementines, in which case it’s a fight to the death.

Picture of table crowded with presents.
Find the Christmas Orange!

The Christmas brunch menu is still under consideration, but I’ll be sure to take pictures and share them, plus final images of all my holiday knitting products. Happy holidays, everybody!