We’re a week into the new year, now, and I think I’ve finally worked out a few resolutions for myself. As I mentioned before I have a few work-related things I want to work on, but I’ll be dealing with those at work.

1. Use my cookbooks. My mom joked over Christmas break, when I got the amazing Smitten Kitchen cookbook, that I must be about running out of space for cookbooks. And she’s … not wrong. I love cooking, cookbooks and food blogs, cookbook club, recipe swapping, and I have piles and piles of books, magazines and recipes “To Try Someday.” I think it’s time to start either using books or photocopying the three recipes I wanted in the first place and donating them. A Facebook friend was discussing this Eat Your Books website the other day, and I’m going to try the free option for a few months to see if it helps. Bonus points: I’m aiming to do better about not eating meat on Mondays. Monday is my regular day off, so I’m often idly grazing around the apartment, and I can do better about this.

2. Stop reading so many repetitive “how to” books. I am definitely the kind of person who, when I have a question, I want to read a dozen books about it. This tends to be be counterproductive for two reasons. First, diminishing returns: the more I read on a topic, especially in the self-help/productivity/relationship genres, the more I’m finding the same experts, studies, and examples given over and over. The first time it’s interesting and the second time might help it stick, but the third time is a waste of time. Secondly, I notice that the more I read about something, the less likely I am to take action. At some point I become more interesting in finding the perfect book on a topic than I am in taking action. Even if the dozen decluttering and home organization books come from the library, they themselves are clutter if I’m not using them. Obviously some books that I’ve read in this genre, like “The Power of Habit” and “The Worry Cure“, are worthwhile, but I need to be more selective and learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.*

3. Finally, I would like to do a little more work learning Spanish. I’m not sure what’s a reasonable goal across a long time span, but it’s something I’m hoping to pursue in a less rushed sense in 2013.

*It’s probably easier to say this since I just put holds on the last of these books laying around my Amazon.com wishlist …