As far as my resolutions go, 2013 is pretty good so far. I’ve been listening to a language podcast my my trips to the gym, though I have to mutter along with them, no doubt leading some of my fellow gym-goers to assume I’m a complete oddity. Though one nice thing about working out in the gym at the college where I work is that January is actually a very slow month, because so few students are around and even many faculty members are rarely on campus. Early February, that’s when it’ll get busy.

I have managed to streamline my recipes to a small degree, importing many printed-out recipes into an online recipe manager to free up a little space in my binder and on my bookshelf. And it makes it easier to find recipes, too. So far I’ve tried one recipe from that program, and am making another on Sunday. Tonight I’m making recipes from two different cookbooks – heretical!

As I said about the reading, the last few holds on some of the self-books that had been floating around on my wishlist have arrived, so I’m working my way through those. I’ve also noticed a number of interesting articles on self-help have been popping up lately; no doubt other people in addition to myself have been thinking the same thing come new year’s resolution time. One article, The Paperback Quest, focuses on the history of self-help in America, and even mentions some interesting books about self-help books. That may be too meta even for me, but it is interesting. I read a book this week, No Cheating, No Dying, which from the description I thought would be an interesting look at the  “relationship improvement” genre, but was more of a straightforward memoir. The other article, How Self-Help Publishing Ate America, focuses more on the growing role of self-help in American culture and how it is pulling many other genres into its orbit. Both are good reads, if you’re interested in the topic.

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