I just got home last night from a pretty good trip to Seattle, though I could have done without the unexpected travel debacle that resulted from bad weather on the East coast and United’s frustrating and ham-handed adjustments to my itinerary. (And my suitcase! My poor suitcase!) I had a good time sightseeing in Seattle, and a busy conference, and didn’t get back until almost midnight last night. And then had a class session at 9:30 this morning! Live & learn, I suppose. And have an excuse to go luggage shopping online – I’m open to endorsements!

I may post more details about my trip later, once I’ve uploaded the photos and weeded through my mail/email and grocery shopping and laundry and sorting all my goodies and … And slept, mustn’t forget to sleep!

Meanwhile, enjoy this photo of how Cookie “helped out” around the house with the chores while I was gone. The beast can smell clean laundry a mile away!

Cookie's Nap
Cookie, napping on a pile of clean laundry.