February is not my favorite month, but at least it’s short. Work is back in full swing, and we’re fully staffed again, which is a huge relief after the stresses of last semester. We’ve got a big semester coming up and it will make a huge difference to be running at full capacity.

The nice thing about this February is that it has been and will be pretty busy. So far I’ve had lunch with a grad school friend and her (adorable!) new baby, tried a new book club and T and I checked out a local steakhouse for Restaurant Week. It was much fancier than I’m used to; T had to wear a jacket and the waiters wore tuxes! I planned to take photos but the atmosphere was so formal it seemed like it would be intrusive. Our friend recently celebrated his 30th and his wife threw an awesome bash at their local watering hole, complete with peanut butter and chocolate cake. We did watch the Super Bowl on Sunday with a neighbor, which was fun. I’m not a huge Ravens (or football) fan, but it’s nice when the local team does well. I’m psyched for baseball season to begin, I can tell you that much!

I have an old friend in town this weekend from Chicago, so we’re hoping to see her Friday night for some board game goodness, and T is gone the next weekend, meaning I’ll be having a wild bachelorette weekend. (For me, this means early spring cleaning.) I’m trying another book club later in the month – I’m shopping around Meetup – and maybe even a new knitting group. One thing I definitely have to do is read this month! My book hoarding tendencies have gotten the better of me, and I’ve got books stacked all over the apartment. Just take a look at my Goodreads to-read list! I’m beginning to feel like I’ll never catch up.

To end on a more positive note, a memory of delicious cake from last month’s Cookbook Club:

Smitten Kitchen's Red Wine Velvet Cake

And a gallery of shots from Seattle (don’t worry, I took many more):