As it turns out, the failed “Snowquester” storm that petered out yesterday may have been just what the doctor ordered. I got a freebie day off work, and since it would have been my late night at work, I got a lot more sleep than I would have otherwise. Since there was minimal bad weather and we didn’t lose power or experience any flooding, T and I spent our three-year anniversary (from our first date) lounging on the couch doing not much at all. Cookie was quite perturbed to have us home all day messing up her nap schedule, but it was otherwise a quite relaxing day. I caught up on some PBS Frontline specials, some email, and a few other things around the house. Most importantly, I finished a good but dense non-fiction title that had been languishing on my bedside table for months.

This is unusual for me, especially since the book was a history of early Tudor England, a time and place I’ve always been interested in. Winter King is about the reign of Henry VII, and I though it was good, but quite dense and meticulous in its research. I guess it’s been a while since I’ve read this kind of history and it took me longer than I expected, and I was constantly getting distracted by other books. Now that it’s done, reviewed, and back to the library, I can move on to other books! Like the Philip Pullman edition of selections from the Brothers Grimm, which I finished since I finished Winter King yesterday afternoon. I actually had a moment yesterday afternoon where I was sitting on the floor in front of my “to-read” bookshelf, just staring at covers, trying to decide what to read next. T found this pretty hilarious, but as a fellow librarian, he’s sympathetic.