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April 2013


It’s really feeling like spring here – there’s cold beer in the fridge, my baseball teams are on average fine (the Sox and the Cubs kind of cancel each other out at the moment) and it’s time to start thinking about my CSA and summer travel plans. This year my friend and I are splitting the CSA by alternating weeks, which will hopefully save both time and energy.

Luckily, the American Library Association conference is in Chicago this summer, so I get to add a day or two of fun-travel to some work-travel. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to present a flash session, and to have won a scholarship ( to cover part of my travel expenses. And my parents have promised a very competitive housing rate. I’m also hoping to head up to NH on Memorial Day weekend for my best friend’s 30th birthday party, and if I’m very lucky there’ll be some beach time squeezed in as well.



(FYI, this post was started before Monday, but is just going up now.)

If you have met me, you are probably aware that baseball is one of my favorite things. I am, and have always been a Cubs fan, despite the considerable emotional trauma they’ve visited on me. I also happened to live in Massachusetts for the better part of six years, during which time the Red Sox were a fun, dynamic (and successful) team. I went to my first game in the spring of 2002, the guest of a friend whose father had gotten tickets. In the glorious fall of 2003, they were both in the playoffs, and my broken little Cubs fan heart found commonalities with the broken hearts of many a Red Sox fan. The next summer (2004) I was moping around Western Massachusetts, no car, little social life, and wrapped up in a relationship I would now compare to a dying star, and one of my rare consolations were the Red Sox games on television. You can guess what happened next – they won the World Series, I moved to Boston, and my roommate and I, with help from a baseball-obsessed city, brainwashed my skeptical girlfriend into fandom right along with us. I should probably apologize for that …

In the end, though, I’ll always come back to the Cubs.

Scorecard Project
Scorecard Project
Cubs Shrine
Cubs Shrine


Guess I was just kidding on that last entry – I haven’t quite broken out of my reading rut, and have definitely not broken out of my posting rut. My apologies. Things have been a bit hectic on the personal and professional front, and I haven’t really been in happy, sharing mode.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will improve soon: I’ll actually get to take a vacation, we’ll get a respite from the 90-degree heat of today (really, Baltimore? REALLY?), that the next book I start turns out to be a page-turner … and while we’re at it, any good tips on fixing doorknobs that don’t latch 100% of the time? Not that Cookie doesn’t enjoy a good tour of the stairwell, but for our peace of mind, I’d like her where we can see her.

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