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May 2013


I’ve got two more baseball games, and a winning bocce bowl, under my belt. The semester is wrapping up here, which is always a time of mixed feelings. The quiet is nice, but the summer can be surprisingly busy, and it feels weird without students around. Though I’m grateful to work in air conditioning, without a doubt.

A blog I followed for a long time has recently reactivated, Hyperbole and a Half, and I was recently browsing the archives and ran across her post “This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult” and it’s a post that continues to resonate with me. Last Monday I had a very productive day, and was all happy to have done grown-up things like Grocery Shopping and Dry Cleaners and Whatnot. And then of course I realized my car probably needs a going-over before my upcoming road trip, and my hair is crazy-making long and I need a cut, and the to-do list repopulates itself.

How high up the corporate ladder does one need to be to outsource the management of their calendar?


The semester is wrapping up here, and we’re all of course looking forward to summer. In another example of “poor math skills,” I’m able to bank fewer vacation days than I thought, meaning I’ll be forced to take extra vacation in June. Which is amazing news – nothing like the risk of losing days to spur me to action!

While I wait for vacation, I’m dusting off my cap and gown (well, T’s cap and gown, since I didn’t purchase regalia for my master’s ceremony) for all the spring pomp and circumstance here, and taking advantage of all Baltimore has to offer before the humidity drives me back indoors.

Os vs Blue Jays
Os vs Blue Jays

My coworker got some great tickets to an Os game against the Blue Jays – it was freezing but we stuck it out to watch Markakis hit a game-winning RBI in the bottom on the 9th. And he’s on my fantasy team! More baseball is coming up: the Cubs are in town for Mother’s Day, which makes a perfect “date afternoon” with two of my favorite aunts (it’s a six-way tie for first place in that category), and we’ve got tickets for the Padres’ visit to Camden Yards next week.

Rye Path of Roland Park
Rye Path of Roland Park

We’ve been exploring the “paths of Roland Park” around our neighborhood, which has been a lot of fun.

Tulips in bloom at Sherwood Gardens
Tulips in bloom at Sherwood Gardens

Finally made it to Sherwood Gardens during tulip season!

Angora Rabbit at the 40th Annual Maryland Sheep & Wool
Angora Rabbit at the 40th Annual Maryland Sheep & Wool

Not to mention my annual pilgrimage to the Howard County Fairgrounds for the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. This year I got to hold an angora rabbit!


I used to be pretty good at math, and I certainly use it all the time. Baking, knitting, trying to split checks after using a Groupon and then calculate tip afterwards (without resorting to my cell phone tip calculator) …

Time is an aspect of math that escapes me. For some reason, I looked at my calendar for the next 2-3 weeks, and became so panicked at how full it was, I just decided to keep adding things, as though additional activities would cancel each other out in some kind of algebraic magic.

Unfortunately, this has not happened. Oops.

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