I’ve got two more baseball games, and a winning bocce bowl, under my belt. The semester is wrapping up here, which is always a time of mixed feelings. The quiet is nice, but the summer can be surprisingly busy, and it feels weird without students around. Though I’m grateful to work in air conditioning, without a doubt.

A blog I followed for a long time has recently reactivated, Hyperbole and a Half, and I was recently browsing the archives and ran across her post “This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult” and it’s a post that continues to resonate with me. Last Monday I had a very productive day, and was all happy to have done grown-up things like Grocery Shopping and Dry Cleaners and Whatnot. And then of course I realized my car probably needs a going-over before my upcoming road trip, and my hair is crazy-making long and I need a cut, and the to-do list repopulates itself.

How high up the corporate ladder does one need to be to outsource the management of their calendar?