Not much to share this week, but I recently saw and wanted to share an interesting short video on the hospital where my sister and I were born, the Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago. As the end of the film indicates, the building is already undergoing demolition, but it brought up a strange feeling of nostalgia for a place I haven’t been in for 30 years. I do recall my parents often pointing out the “oval window” hospital to us when we were driving south on Lake Shore Drive, and it’s strange to think that this personal landmark will be gone the next time I visit the city.

On a more positive note, this November I’m participating in a “30 Days of Gratitude” photo activity. The goal is to take a photo a day of something on a particular theme (‘tradition’ or ‘comfort’, for example) to cultivate a sense of gratitude. I’ll mostly be using my Instagram account for the photos, but I’m trying to remember to post to my Flickr account as well.