Guys, 2014 has been pretty boring so far, and I mean that in a pretty good way. By this time last year there were all kinds of frustrating and annoying things going on that would last into late spring/early summer, and I’m so glad to report this year off to a better start.

Some fun things have been happening, too! T and I went to Philadelphia for a conference a few weekends ago, and had a pretty nice time, even though nobody in residential areas appears to know how to shovel, and a subway stop we were counting on was closed unexpectedly. And not even signs or anything – just gates between the platform and the train. It was a little creepy, as was the additional mile we had to hike back to the hotel. The Philly police helicopter circling overhead with a spotlight just felt like a taste of home! We had some great food, especially donuts from Reading Terminal Market, checked out some fun local stores (bookshops, kitchen wares, and yarn), and scored Rainbow Rowell’s signature on two of her books. I got so excited about the latter I wandered off in a daze.

I am pretty ready to call bullshit on most of Maryland’s weather angst, though. When I first moved here (2009) there was a pretty bad winter with lots of blizzards and heavy snow, which is tough for any city to deal with, much less a city not accustomed to snow. Now I’ve been living here almost 5 years (which, by the way, yikes) and people collectively *lose their minds* any time there is any kind of weather. And I feel I’ve lived here long enough and seen enough snow, sleet, and ice to say – get over it! It happens pretty regularly, and while I’ll be the first to admit heavy snow and icy conditions aren’t safe for driving/commuting/waiting for the school bus, most of the winter weather here isn’t so bad, and doesn’t need to create a state of total panic each and every time.

I am developing an interesting relationship with the concept of snow days. I’ve had very few before coming here, and I don’t recall spending a lot of time getting excited about the possibility of a ‘snow day’. I’m sure we had some and I’m sure I got excited – what kid doesn’t like to miss school? – but I’d say I missed a handful of days, school or work, because of bad weather. Before moving here, that is. I missed a week of grad school because of blizzards (which, fair), two days of work because of a hurricane (not for the derocho, though), and another handful of snow/winter weather days, not to mention late starts or closing early. Sometimes it’s an exciting surprise, sometimes it’s annoying to have to reschedule things, but there’s always going to be a Midwestern core of me that’s ready to get up early and dig out my car* no matter what.

* 50/50. Sometimes they haven’t plowed our street much, so all I have to do is brush it off. Well, and then drive to work on unplowed roads.