I had a post, but it has been lost in the ether, so I am summarizing it.

1. Of course, immediately after I get done rolling my eyes at Maryland’s general response to inclement weather, we get a legitimate storm in the form of about a foot overnight, followed by a day of sleety rain, followed by more snow. I did enjoy my snow days, though, and did a lot of reading and some baking (David Lebovitz’s chocolate chip cookies, but I’m parceling them out with my new cookie scoop rather than icebox-style) and some knitting.

2. Between getting a weird 24-hour virus, snow days, and an upcoming guest lecture, my schedule is a bit of a shambles. I hardly know if I’m coming or going.

3. I’m currently working on an Albers Cowl with some yarn (below) I got at Maryland Sheep & Wool last year, and have officially started re-watching Veronica Mars in anticipation of the movie release. Woo!

Miss Babs Yet set in 'Biker Chick' (reds, browns, an orange and a green).
Miss Babs Yet set in ‘Biker Chick’

4. Probably more stuff, but, you know. I forget.

Hey, this post was probably better than the original. Never doubt the power of editing.