October overall has not been an awesome month, I have to say, but this last week or so has really attempted to make up for that.

First, the bathroom ceiling, which had been droopy since we moved in and had been sagging even more recently, was finally removed and replaced. Major improvement!

Second, Sleater-Kinney is coming back! One of my favorite bands from my late high school/college years is back with a new album (in January 2015; already pre-ordered) and a new tour (in DC in February 2015; just got my ticket). I am incredibly pumped about this news.

Third, I have finally succumbed to the lure of a smartphone. After dragging my feet for quite some time, I finally switched over to a smartphone and data plan. I’m enjoying having one so far, though I am pretty tentative about using it so far, as I always am with new “toys”. Step 1 is going to be to get a case so I don’t break the darned thing right off the bat …