No secret around these parts that I am very ready for 2014 to die in a fire, and am looking forward to 2015. I changed the year on our chalkboard wall calendar as soon as I got home today. T and I are having a quiet evening in, puttering around the apartment, not doing much of anything. I wrote thank-you notes for my bridal shower, and am listening to a podcast about the X-Files to go along with my rewatching of the series. T promises to only make fun of me if I start an X-Files vlog, which is actually pretty tempting.

I’ve been thinking about starting a book review blog or vlog, since I read so much and love talking about books so much, but it’s hard to see where there exists a niche I could add anything to, or what I’d bring to the table myself. I could do nonfiction, which I read a good bit of, or short stories/anthologies, which I’m trying to get into reading more of … but really what I read is a little bit of everything I can get my hands on. But I rely on libraries to get my books most of the time, so I’m hardly the first person get my hands on things in most cases. Thoughts, readers?

Tomorrow will likely be more of the same as today, with some cleaning and putting away of Christmas bits. We may re-watch some of Downton Abbey Season 4 to refresh our memories for upcoming Season 5. T’s parents sent us some frozen Omaha steaks for Christmas, so I think we’ll be cooking those up tomorrow. I’m curious to try the technique described in this America’s Test Kitchen video!

Bring it on, 2015!