I’m back to Baltimore after a pretty lovely trip to Chicago for the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting, where I got to experience 19″ of snow but also lost my wallet. Boo! And I don’t have a ton of flexibility with my time since we’re really back to work this week with several instruction sessions and meetings and whatnot on my calendar. Inconveniences aside, it was really nice to recharge my professional brain, and get to spend a little quality time with my parents as well.

Things are keeping busy on the home front as well. Lots of RSVP cards are showing up in the mailbox, which makes every day exciting (and also challenging, sometimes the mail is really wedged in there). Between a year on the Stonewall Book Award committee and wedding planning, I was recently subject to some commentary from the FedEx guy about how much I order. Maybe a week or so without credit cards will be good?

Of course, as soon as things move off the plate, something else appears. I’ve got work to do planning my upcoming 10-year college reunion, and am planning on adding book vlogging to my resume in the coming weeks. We’re also launching a diversity task force at work that I’ve been asked to chair, and I get to read just for the fun of it again!