As you may have heard on the news or basically anywhere, things in Baltimore are a bit intense at the moment. We are fine and so is our area, for the most part, but of course it’s been a stressful and upsetting few weeks. I’m not much one for writing about politics, but I was relieved by today’s announcement and hopeful that some semblance of justice will be served. I’m usually the first person on the bandwagon to criticize Baltimore because I am a semi-professional cynic, but I’ve found the recent news coverage enraging. In a city facing so many challenges, where so many people suffer from neglect and mistreatment, much of the news coverage from outside organizations has been racially-slanted fearmongering. Baltimore may be a pretty segregated city struggling to find its feet after decades of deindustrialization and white flight, but that’s far from all it is. Most of the people I’ve met here are friendly and among the most civically involved of places I’ve lived, people love dogs and the baseball fans are pretty dedicated, and there’s two free art museums. As with any city, there are many Baltimores — so keep that in mind when you turn on CNN.

Also, totally ignore Don Lemon. Most of what he says is almost guaranteed to be the opposite of what’s really going on.