The early weeks of a CSA can be pretty much straight greens. It’s intimidating! I belong to a CSA that delivers to my workplace, and I split a share with a friend from work so we don’t get too inundated with any one thing.

The first week of our CSA we got greens – red leaf lettuce and collards – and I took kohlrabi and garlic scapes as well as the greens. It’s been so warm and humid in Baltimore salad seems like the perfect meal, so I’ve been doing a lot of that, including Alton Brown’s Caesar salad recipe.

Plate of Caesear salad
Caesar Salad

A meal I can feature from week one’s bounty is a dinner of braised collards with sausage and penne. I stripped the collards and sliced it thin, then braised it in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, minced garlic and roasted garlic power, and a dash of soy sauce. I added two hot Italian sausages while the penne was cooking, and then dumped the drained penne into the skillet to mix everything up. It was a take on this recipe from The Kitchn — which I didn’t have quite the right ingredients for, as usual, so I modified. And, voila!

Dish of Sausage, Collards and Penne
Sausage, Collards, and Penne

This second week I took more red leaf and some chard, plus turnips and celtuce. I’d never even seen the latter before!  I’m leaving the lettuce for T while I’m away this week, because the man loves salad; I’m going to blanch and freeze the chard to use later. I featured the turnips in last week’s recipe, testing out our new stove by roasting turnip wedges with parmesan a la Martha. We had that with grilled swordfish in Mama D’s special marinade. Positive reviews all around (except for Cookie who got no fish). No pictures because … the turnips got pretty “crisped” and were not very photogenic.

And as for the celtuce? I’ll have to get back to you. We’re still working on that one!