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July 2015

Summer Travel

There’s benefits and challenges to working in an academic setting. It can be hard to take time off during the year, if not impossible, and we don’t get summers “off” the way actual teachers do. Luckily, it’s much easier to take time off in the summer for rest or travel or if you get sick, as our household recently did.

At the end of June I managed to take time off to visit my sister in Denver on my way to a conference in San Francisco. Sadly, the trip was cut short, and we missed a game at Coors Field, because weather in Baltimore grounded my flight and it was 36 hours before my rebooked flight. We had a great time anyway, sampling beers and walking around in an unusually warm Denver summer, plus short trips to Golden, Boulder, and Fort Collins. Between our grad school programs, relocations, and my recent wedding, it’s been a while since we’ve just gotten some quality sister/sister time, so even a shortened trip was a nice break.

I did manage to squeeze in a game with some friends at AT&T Park while I was in San Francisco, though sadly, the Giants lost. The weather was gorgeous and I had a great conference as well as getting to see and sample some of the city. There’s never enough time in San Francisco so I was extra-grateful for our trip last Christmas and all the stories from my parents – I didn’t feel quite as hectic as I might have otherwise. You can see a few pictures from this trip on Flickr at

In August I have a beach week coming up with my family, and then a wedding back again in the Denver area, before school starts at the end of the month. Of course the wedding fun continues with three more in September, which is going to be … hectic to say the least. Guess we started a trend!


Profiling Alex Morgan: routine sexism and a little plagiarism from


The Sport Spectacle

In advance of Tuesday’s match, published an article about Alex Morgan. This English professor feels compelled to explore the quality and character of’s writing.

Morgan looking for a fairytale finish

Headline declares: do not be confused by gender ambiguous name. Alex Morgan is a girl, with girlish aspirations.

Alex Morgan is one of the most popular players in USA women’s football.

Alex Morgan is a popular girl.

A talented goalscorer with a style that is very easy on the eye and good looks to match, she is nothing short of a media phenomenon.

Where to start?

Describing Morgan as a “talented goalscorer” suggests she that has talents other than goalscoring—talents related to her popularity (e.g. she can twirl a baton and sing the Star-Spangled Banner; she makes a mean Negroni).

“A style that is very easy on the eye” is the kind of phrasing one associates with a real estate listing, or…

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