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Things In Our New Home The Cat Distrusts: A Listicle

After a week in our new house, I can share with you the exclusive but not exhaustive list of things in the house the cat distrusts.


  1. Stairs
  2. Doors
  3. The door to the basement stairs
  4. The dishwasher
  5. The house sparrows living in our entryway roof
  6. My side of the bed
  7. The insides of closets
  8. The tile floor in the upstairs bathroom


There’s no denying that summer is here – while it hasn’t gotten crazy hot yet, there have already been a few days where the cat won’t come out from under the bed, and T and I just lounge about fussing over the weather. A suitable job offer in Minnesota would be amazingly tempting right now.

Cookie and her rainbow ball
Cookie and her rainbow ball

I survived the end of classes and finals here, and managed to work in a co-presentation at the state library conference in May. I think it went well, or at least nobody left and I didn’t swear, so I can confidently call it a success. Other professional-type activities have been keeping me busy, and as it turns out, my 10-year college reunion is less than a year away. Yikes – guess it’s time to start planning!

The excitement for June is lots of days off, which is sort of a mixed blessing. It’s great to have time off, and I’m excited to head home to Chicago for my cousin’s wedding at the end of the month, but I always end up with a bunch of days to use in June and have to scramble to take time off. Maybe next year I’ll convince myself to take more time off during the year?



After a lovely few days here, it’s raining. I keep telling myself all the rain and snow this winter will make for an exceptionally vibrant, green spring … but that would mean spring would have to arrive, and we’re still sort of waiting.

It’s been a while, but honestly, not much has happened. In a mostly good way?

My parents visited this past weekend, and met Cookie for the first time. She behaved fairly well, and we had a nice trip to Annapolis on Sunday when the weather was so nice: I’m co-teaching a Book Studies class this semester, and I’m enjoying the field trips to the area libraries. I guess just working in a library isn’t enough?

Cookie’s doing well; she says hi.


Giving Thanks

I missed out on the Facebook trend about giving thanks for something every day of November, unfortunately. But I did have a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving: an abundance of food that gave us almost two meals’ worth of leftovers, a lively evening with my extended family, and gorgeous weather to top it all off. I’m lucky enough to be able to come home to a warm and cozy house (now that the heat’s back on …) at the end of every day.

T & Cookie the Cat
Warm & cozy!

I pretty much failed on my Thanksgiving  photography – I tried three new recipes and didn’t photograph a single one! I made an older Serious Eats recipe for Green Bean Casserole with a mix of white button and dried wild mushrooms; it was a success, but next time I’ll soak the dried mushrooms for longer and then chop them more finely. I also made the herb-y buttermilk biscuits from Joanne Chang’s Flour cookbook, though I put the parsley into the biscuits and put chive butter on top, and I made them drop biscuits because I couldn’t find cutters at Target! After a successful cookbook club experience with Deb Perelman’s Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, I made my own cranberry crumb bars with mulling spices, because the leftovers I brought home for T were mysteriously consumed … this book is definitely on my Christmas list!

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I have as promised gotten a good start into my Christmas knitting. Some gift recipients read this blog, so I won’t be posting any pictures or details yet, but I’m enjoying the results so far! And our mini-fake-tree is up already, so I’m ready for presents to start rolling in 😉

Tabletop Christmas Tree
Tabletop Christmas Tree

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to listen to some Christmas music!

Money Can Buy Happiness

That is, if it’s used carefully! I’ll confess to recently “splurging” on a few things that have increased my happiness in various ways.

For example, I entered the lottery to win a chance to advance purchase some playoff tickets for the Baltimore Orioles. I did get two sets of tickets that I won’t be able to use, but just knowing that I had the chance to see live playoff baseball meant I was much more keyed in to the last few weeks of the season. I even rooted for the Os when the Red Sox were in town this past weekend, which is crazy for me. I’ve been a Chicago Cubs fan my entire life, and a Red Sox fan for approximately ten years now. I like the Os and have enjoyed their surprising season, but it really took playoff tickets to get me to really excited.

I also splurged on a few birthday related items, including a new pair of shoes and a nice dinner out. I’m not a big birthday person, really, but it’s nice to have an excuse to ‘treat’ myself (and T) to the sort of dinner we wouldn’t normally indulge in.

Most importantly, though, T and I adopted a cat from a local animal rescue. Cookie, as we’ve named her, was a stray when she came to the shelter. She’s about a year old, and we think she must have been a house cat before – she was already spayed* and has pretty good indoor/people manners.** While adopting the cat wasn’t expensive, just a $10 city registration cost, she’s come with other expenses, for food and litter and veterinary care. We discovered after adoption that she has a heart murmur, which may be an expense in the future. Luckily, for now, she seems happy and pretty healthy, and we’re both really enjoying our furry companion and all her strange ways:

Picture of our cat, Cookie
Cookie, enjoying some quality lap time.

*From my perspective, neutering/spaying your pets is a really important part of being a responsible pet owner. There are so, so many homeless, discarded or unwanted animals out there who need the safety of a good home, and who have to be put down because somebody didn’t fix their pet.

** With one exception: she’s a nibbler, and did recently nip a friend at a dinner party. Now that we’re done deworming her, time to train her not to nibble on our guests!

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