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History will repay your love. You don’t have to be a jerk.

Source: History will repay your love. You don’t have to be a jerk.


Things In Our New Home The Cat Distrusts: A Listicle

After a week in our new house, I can share with you the exclusive but not exhaustive list of things in the house the cat distrusts.


  1. Stairs
  2. Doors
  3. The door to the basement stairs
  4. The dishwasher
  5. The house sparrows living in our entryway roof
  6. My side of the bed
  7. The insides of closets
  8. The tile floor in the upstairs bathroom

Generation and gender in “hating” Hillary Clinton


Go read and consider Michelle Goldberg’s analysis of “The Hillary Haters” at Slate.  The nut:

Few people dislike Hillary Clinton for being too moralistic anymore. In trying to understand the seemingly eternal phenomenon of Hillary hatred, I’ve spoken to people all around America who revile her. I’ve interviewed Trump supporters, conventional conservatives, Bernie Sanders fans, and even a few people who reluctantly voted for Clinton in the Democratic primary but who nevertheless say they can’t stand her. Most of them described a venal cynic. Strikingly, the reasons people commonly give for hating Clinton now are almost the exact opposite of the reasons people gave for hating her in the 1990s. Back then, she was a self-righteous ideologue; now she’s a corrupt tool of the establishment. Back then, she was too rigid; now she’s too flexible. Recently, Morning Consultpolled people who don’t like Clinton about the reasons for…

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Real Domestic

I’ve been waiting a while to write this post, but I’m finally feeling confident enough to “announce” (to those of you who haven’t already heard me yammer on about it) that T and I have a house!

Although many people manage to do this every day, we found it to be pretty stressful and time-consuming, and we’re both super grateful it’s over. Perseverance paid off and we ended up with a house we think will be great.

I generally hate moving, probably because I own so many books and have very short arms, but I’m almost excited about this move. Since moving out of my parents’ house to go to college in 2001, I’ve almost always had a portion of my stuff in storage, whether in a storage locker over the summer, or left behind when I only took what I could fit in my car to move to Baltimore. I’m sure my mom will appreciate me not emailing her every few months asking if such-and-such thing is around and could she mail it to me. (Usually accompanied by a please, but let’s be real, not always.)

We’ve got movers scheduled for the end of the month. If you need me in the meantime, I will be grill shopping online.


I recently experienced the trauma of replacing my car. After 176,000 miles and 16 years, the time had come for my buddy Canberra to retire.

My parents got the car in the fall of 2000, and it was the first car I ever drove regularly, the car I tested in when I got my driver’s license, the car my mom helped me pack up and drove me to college in Massachusetts. One summer when my parents were traveling, my sister and I “daringly” took it on a little road trip from Chicago to Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin. I got in trouble a few times for keeping the car out after curfew.

I eventually inherited the car, and named (renamed?) her Canberra. Again she was packed full of my belongings, and this time I drove myself to Maryland to start graduate school. She’s driven across Ohio more times than I can count, and survived more than her fair share of road trips, some involving blizzards (ask my mom about that, she has some thoughts).

16 years is a lot of use to get out of a car and I’m lucky she held up so well. Still, nothing lasts forever, so I’m very pleased to introduce you all to Brisbane, my new (and hopefully loyal) automotive sidekick!

Celebrating Community #15: Rugby

Source: Celebrating Community #15: Rugby

Making Room for Those in Danger

Source: Making Room for Those in Danger

Needs Hashtag

As you may have heard on the news or basically anywhere, things in Baltimore are a bit intense at the moment. We are fine and so is our area, for the most part, but of course it’s been a stressful and upsetting few weeks. I’m not much one for writing about politics, but I was relieved by today’s announcement and hopeful that some semblance of justice will be served. I’m usually the first person on the bandwagon to criticize Baltimore because I am a semi-professional cynic, but I’ve found the recent news coverage enraging. In a city facing so many challenges, where so many people suffer from neglect and mistreatment, much of the news coverage from outside organizations has been racially-slanted fearmongering. Baltimore may be a pretty segregated city struggling to find its feet after decades of deindustrialization and white flight, but that’s far from all it is. Most of the people I’ve met here are friendly and among the most civically involved of places I’ve lived, people love dogs and the baseball fans are pretty dedicated, and there’s two free art museums. As with any city, there are many Baltimores — so keep that in mind when you turn on CNN.

Also, totally ignore Don Lemon. Most of what he says is almost guaranteed to be the opposite of what’s really going on.

Welcome 2015

No secret around these parts that I am very ready for 2014 to die in a fire, and am looking forward to 2015. I changed the year on our chalkboard wall calendar as soon as I got home today. T and I are having a quiet evening in, puttering around the apartment, not doing much of anything. I wrote thank-you notes for my bridal shower, and am listening to a podcast about the X-Files to go along with my rewatching of the series. T promises to only make fun of me if I start an X-Files vlog, which is actually pretty tempting.

I’ve been thinking about starting a book review blog or vlog, since I read so much and love talking about books so much, but it’s hard to see where there exists a niche I could add anything to, or what I’d bring to the table myself. I could do nonfiction, which I read a good bit of, or short stories/anthologies, which I’m trying to get into reading more of … but really what I read is a little bit of everything I can get my hands on. But I rely on libraries to get my books most of the time, so I’m hardly the first person get my hands on things in most cases. Thoughts, readers?

Tomorrow will likely be more of the same as today, with some cleaning and putting away of Christmas bits. We may re-watch some of Downton Abbey Season 4 to refresh our memories for upcoming Season 5. T’s parents sent us some frozen Omaha steaks for Christmas, so I think we’ll be cooking those up tomorrow. I’m curious to try the technique described in this America’s Test Kitchen video!

Bring it on, 2015!

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